'She's like a canoe' - Whangamata man battles flooding, a day after new kitchen installed

A worried Whangamata local hasn't "been to bed" as he battles to keep his property dry during the second lot of flooding this year. 

Alan Straker's newly renovated kitchen, which was installed yesterday, has flooded.  

He says he hasn’t been to bed since the rain started last night and panic stations set in about his new renovations.

Mr Straker's just had the insurance pay out from the huge storm that hit in early March.

"Put the new kitchen in yesterday, got it all piped up , now she’s like a canoe if you want to use it," Mr Straker told 1 NEWS.

Local fire fighters are helping out with their pump.

175mm of rain has fallen overnight.

Alan says the water hasn’t gone into the garage like last time but they are bracing for more rain later today.

"I guess if the rain continues, they will have to come back again." 

Alan Straker was hit hard by the last floods in March - now he's fighting to keep his property dry once again. Source: 1 NEWS

Proud new Tauranga homeowner finds back yard inundated with floodwater

A proud new homeowner in Tauranga has woken to find to her Brookfield home's back yard completely flooded.

Kat Hansen moved into her house last weekend and said although she was advised the property was prone to minor flooding, she never expected it to be this bad.

"The neighbours have never seen it like this," she said.

As shown in the video, water levels have reached the halfway point of her garden shed and her outdoor BBQ is submerged in the water.

With more heavy rain expected, Kat is dreading the damage that may be caused by what's to come. 

"It's only half a metre or so before it reaches the floors inside," she said. 

Rocks, earth and vegetation has fallen away from behind properties on Sharon Road in Waiake. Source: 1 NEWS

All residents have been accounted for after the 10m wide slip hit the San Remo apartments. Source: 1 NEWS

Flooding is expected in the central North Island as heavy rain continues to hit the region. Source: Breakfast

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Opinion: Response to typhoid outbreak high-handed colonial failure

The Auckland Regional Public Health Service couldn’t have handled the typhoid outbreak in the Auckland Pasifika community any more poorly if they’d tried.

It beggars belief that the family and friends of a woman with typhoid was not told she had the disease.

That she was lying in hospital being kissed and hugged by family and friends – and none of them knew she had typhoid. How is this even possible?

According to family sources two of the woman’s children went on to contract it, no huge surprises there.

Why has the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) kept this such a big secret?

The release of information has been carefully orchestrated since the first public release late Friday afternoon, three days after the woman died.

No mention was made of Pasifika, although 1 NEWS already had this information through other sources, and the hospitals and District Health Boards were all ordered by the ARPHS not to speak to media.

The woman's funeral was held yesterday in Mt Roskill but details were only released this morning. Source: 1 NEWS

The ARPHS was not available to media over the weekend and information going to the church community and people affected has been equally controlled and limited.

Given some of this community speak English as a second language, and some not at all, many of them feel railroaded through this shameful process.

Cultural issues have been completely ignored. Affectionate greetings, sharing of food and big groups coming together are all hallmarks of Pasifika.

How many infected people were at the funeral on Monday and involved in the preparation of food? How many people flew over from Samoa for the funeral and have returned home possibly infected?

Given today the church minister himself is being tested after feeling unwell, it’s completely possible.

The name of the church wasn’t released until yesterday and there is also some confusion over that so many people who have mingled with those who are possibly infected have no idea they are at risk.

It’s hard to imagine this happening with a Remuera church, if a member of their congregation had come back from a holiday in the islands after contracting the disease there.

The handling of this matter smacks of high-handed arrogant colonial treatment of a community that deserves better.