'She's like a canoe' - Whangamata man battles flooding, a day after new kitchen installed


A worried Whangamata local hasn't "been to bed" as he battles to keep his property dry during the second lot of flooding this year. 

Alan Straker was hit hard by the last floods in March - now he's fighting to keep his property dry once again.
Source: 1 NEWS

Alan Straker's newly renovated kitchen, which was installed yesterday, has flooded.  

He says he hasn’t been to bed since the rain started last night and panic stations set in about his new renovations.

Mr Straker's just had the insurance pay out from the huge storm that hit in early March.

"Put the new kitchen in yesterday, got it all piped up , now she’s like a canoe if you want to use it," Mr Straker told 1 NEWS.

Local fire fighters are helping out with their pump.

175mm of rain has fallen overnight.

Alan says the water hasn’t gone into the garage like last time but they are bracing for more rain later today.

"I guess if the rain continues, they will have to come back again." 

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