'She's bulletproof' - Conservation terrier Tui retires after 12 years on the job

The country's oldest pest detection dog is handing in her high-viz jacket.

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Tui the terrier helps keep the islands in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf pest free, but after 12 years, is taking a well-earned rest. Source: Seven Sharp

Tui the terrier helps keep the islands in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf pest-free and has been on the job for 12-years.

The rodent-sniffing dog has a perfect record and has done countless inspections on barges, boats and islands.

"It's quite bittersweet really, she can retire and I lose a friend I've been working with for a while," handler Brian Shields told Seven Sharp.

"I think she's bulletproof, she's never ever looked at our endangered animals when she's working amongst them.

"Working with penguins at Antipodes, walking through and they were pecking her and she was just walking through."

The dynamic duo were Auckland Council's first-ever conservation dog team. But lately, Tui's started to slow, her age - 80, in human years.

"She just slowly went really deaf, and it's just her time. She's completely deaf now," Mr Shields said.

As a final hurrah before she puts her paws up, her workmates threw a surprise retirement party for her with everything a dog could want, including cake.