She is Not Your Rehab book launches with aim to break cycle of abuse

A book aimed at breaking the cycle of abuse has been launched by renowned Christchurch barber Matt Brown and his wife, Sarah. 

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It's the latest work from barber Matt Brown who has himself survived a violent and abusive upbringing. Source: 1 NEWS

The Browns run My Fathers Barbers and founded anti-violence movement She is Not Your Rehab

It was launched off the back of a TEDx talk Matt gave in 2019.

He is a survivor of family and childhood sexual abuse himself and hosts a men's support group from the barbershop

Book She is not your rehab. Source: 1 NEWS

The title of the recently launched book comes from the couple's movement, taking their message about respecting women beyond the barber's chair. 

"I want men to take responsibility for their own healing, so we don't transmit our pain onto our children and our partners," Matt said. 

The Browns have raised money to get every prison inmate a copy of She is Not Your Rehab, where Matt runs a barbering program.

She is not your rehab's Matt Brown. Source: 1 NEWS

"When this gets in the hands of the gentlemen behind the wire, I will probably cry first, because they represent my father, my uncles, my cousins, my brothers."

Former Black Power gang member Jordon Rangitoheriri told 1 NEWS the Browns' movement had helped him.

At the book launch last night, he had the words She is Not Your Rehab tattooed on one of his arms. 

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Jordon Rangitoheriri says the Browns' movement had helped him overcome a violent upbringing, including the murder of his son at the hand of others. Source: 1 NEWS

"This is a tattoo of the new me and the person who has learned how to deal with emotions — trauma, anger and violence," he said.

Rangitoheriri has survived a violent upbringing, including the murder of his son at the hand of others.

It was Rangitoheriri's wife, Lariah, who first suggested Brown's kaupapa could help him. It had changed their family life. 

Jordon Rangitoheriri's tattoo. Source: 1 NEWS

"He's just the person that he's always destined to be, the father that he's always meant to be and Matt's been an incredible inspiration in our life." 

Lariah thought her husband's tattoo was "awesome".

"She is not your rehab is part of his whakapapa now and on his journey to healing I think it's pretty cool he gets to wear it on his skin."