'She lied to us' - Collins attacks Ardern on campaign trail, challenges Labour leader to sue her

National leader Judith Collins has launched her most scathing attack yet on the Government's Covid-19 response, calling Jacinda Ardern a liar over comments made about the testing of border-facing workers back in June.

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The National leader was in Wellington today, trying to drum up support ahead of this weekend’s election. Source: 1 NEWS

Collins was speaking to a crowd at a Waikanae bowling club today when she made the explosive comments.

"Last week we found out under the Official Information Act request only seven per cent of border-facing staff were being tested," Collins said.

"That’s seven - not 100, not even a third or two thirds - and she stood up and she told us on the 23rd of June everyone’s being tested.

"What a lie, what a lie and I’ll call it out for what it is. And who was put at risk? Everyone in New Zealand.

"She lied to us and I’m happy to say that on the record. Gee, I hope she sues me for it, happy to prove it."

Ardern brushed off the attack as politicking.

"Opposition politics. I mean look, these issues were well traversed in the debating chamber and so I don't think that I need to go through all of that again. It's all been very public."

According to RNZ, Ardern called Collins' call for legal action "frankly odd". 

With just three days until the election, the political attacks are likely to continue heating up.


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