'She just fainted' - woman struck by lightning in Auckland

A woman has been hospitalised after being struck by a lightning strike in South Auckland today.

St John confirmed to 1 NEWS the patient is in a moderate condition at Middlemore Hospital after being hit in Mangere.

Andy Carpentiei, a colleague of the woman at Happy Campers in Māngere, told NZ Herald that they weren’t sure if she got hit or was in shock.

"She was just cleaning the campervan and she apparently got the vacuum cleaner in her hands then the lightning struck and she just fainted," the NZ Herald was told.

"We don't know if it was from the shock or the lightning."

Emergency services were called at about 8.50am but there were no obvious signs of injury on the woman, according to Mr Carpentiei.

The incident comes as 130 lightning strikes hit Auckland in a five-minute period this morning, causing power outages across the city.

Flight were also delayed at Auckland Airport as a result of the strikes.

Lightning (file picture).
Lightning (file picture). Source: 1 NEWS