'It shatters you': Meet the Kiwi released from Oz Immigration Centre by High Court - then arrested hours later


A Kiwi who won a landmark High Court case in Australia to have his visa reinstated has been arrested in Perth, less than 24 hours after his release from detention.

Father-of-four Mehaka Lee Te Puia spent 22 months in detention on character grounds, after being arrested in 2015.

The 39-year-old has been in Australia since 2005. He says he has no criminal record and has never been charged with anything.

He is a member of the Rebels motorcycle club, which Australian authorities have described as a criminal threat.

Yesterday the country's High Court ruled Mr Te Puia's visa cancellation was invalid and he was released from the Perth Immigration Detention Centre.

But less than an hour later he was told the government had cancelled his visa again.

Was happy for five minutes but then you get that phone call. What do you tell your wife? It shatters you."
Mehaka Lee Te Puia

1 NEWS was in touch with Mr Te Puia before he was arrested again this morning.

"I was ready to go pick my kids up," he said.

"Was happy for five minutes but then you get that phone call. What do you tell your wife? It shatters you."

He said he told his children he would be going away again "and they all just broke down and cried".

Mr Te Puia's lawyer told 1 NEWS the new letter cancelling his visa was personally signed by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.

Mr Dutton's office has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Mr Te Puia says he wants answers from the minister.

"I want to know why you cancelled my visa and why you overturned a full high court judge.

"And my kids, explain it to my kids. My kids are the ones hurting here."

Mr Te Puia's family has also been left in limbo, today saying he was arrested this morning.

"The house just got stormed and he was tackled and arrested in front of the kids, even though he opened the front door and told them he was there and ready to go with his bags packed," a family member said in a text message.

The family says he has "apparently" gone back to the detention centre "but who knows".

Mr Te Puia last night said if he was arrested again he would fight this visa cancellation too, but that he may do it from New Zealand.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton told 1 NEWS they won't comment on individual circumstances.

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