Shapes are back! Classic Kiwi cracker flavours to make welcome return




The people have spoken and a Kiwi favourite snack is back to its former glory.

Fair Go's Brodie Kane isn’t too happy with Shapes changing their recipe.
Source: Breakfast

Arnott's have backed down and returned pizza and barbecue Shapes to their original flavouring, much to the delight of cracker lovers.

Jessica Willliams began a petition to return the original flavouring back to her favourite cracker and it seems public support has made Arnott's crack.

She told Fairfax it was a victory for snack fans that had their original flavourings changed or altered.

"If you consider what we've already lost, we've lost tangy fruits, snifters, at least we've won this one," she said.

She said the new flavouring was a sad substitution and had a colourful way of describing the new Shapes experience.

"They just tasted like sadness, like a pale imitation of the barbecue shapes we knew and loved. It would be like giving a starving dog a rubber bone." 

Shapes New Zealand brand manager Tim Meyer said the cracker company would still be monitoring the situation on the flavouring u-turn.

It comes after the cracker manufacturer said the new flavours would remain in New Zealand despite its Australian counter-part reversing its decision on introducing new pizza and barbecue flavours in September.

The original flavours have already begun to be returned to multi-packs.

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