Shane Jones mulls over NZ First's election loss today, after drinking 'a gallon of red wine' last night

After a crushing defeat for the New Zealand First at the election, Shane Jones says he's yet to deal with the fall out, while still nursing the effects of last night's party election event.

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Jones is no longer in Parliament after New Zealand First were voted out in the election. Source: 1 NEWS

Today, Jones - who stood in the Northland electorate - said members of his party were still working to "absorb the full impact" of what Saturday's election loss would mean for the future of New Zealand First. 

New Zealand First failed to reach the five per cent threshold to get MPs back into Parliament.

"Well this is Sunday morning and let's just accept the fact people want to absorb the full impact of all of the votes with a clear mind and then chart a pathway forward," Jones said today from Russell in Northland.

"Given that I consumed about a gallon of red wine last night, I haven't spoked to Jenny Marcroft, I haven't spoken to anyone."

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Astonished at having watched while National strongholds were won by Labour, Jones says he'd been quite shocked to see just how strong the "red tsunami" was. 

He says election outcome came down to the Labour Party's immense popularity in how they've dealt with things such as Covid-19 which turned the New Zealand public towards them. 

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The NZ First leader was keeping his head down today, leaving Shane Jones to speak for the party. Source: 1 NEWS

"Watching those rural seats go red, I will be very honest with you, I was astonished. I was genuinely surprised to see the red tide was out those tired National MPs."

Describing it as just "not the night" for New Zealand First, the party's focus turns back on how they can spend the next three years rebuilding.