Shane Jones downplays NZ First Foundation scandal by slamming 'despicable' media

With the Electoral Commission having been asked to investigate so-called undeclared political donations made to the New Zealand First Foundation, MP Shane Jones has played down the situation, instead calling a journalist "despicable" for looking into the issue. 

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But National’s Gerry Brownlee, who joined Mr Jones on TVNZ1’s Breakfast today, suggested his colleague was trying to distract from the issue. Source: Breakfast

But National’s Gerry Brownlee, who appeared alongside Mr Jones today on Breakfast's weekly political panel, wasn't convinced by his colleagues tactics.

When posed with questions around the donations and New Zealand First Foundation, Mr Jones said "there's some salivation happening in the class of the media". 

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The Electoral Commission is looking into a foundation that’s bankrolling New Zealand First. Source: 1 NEWS

"That's 'cause they don't like my leader [Winston Peters] and New Zealand First," he added. 

“I can tell you there is a journalist ringing around all hours of the night hassling people all around Northland who happen to know me. I’m gonna line that journalist up for his despicable behaviour when I see it.”

But Mr Brownlee suggested the name-calling tactic has been has been over used by New Zealand First officials in recent weeks.  

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The demonstrators aren’t listening to the facts on forestation, the NZ First MP said today. Source: 1 NEWS

“Hang on a second, this is the third or fourth person in New Zealand in the last week or so that’s come under fire from someone in New Zealand First for either being psycho, redneck or some other thing," he said. 

“The problem here is that there is $840,000 worth of anonymous donations apparently that no one knows where it's come from. Just explain that and it all goes away."

The Electoral Commission investigation is currently ongoing.