Sex offence victim calls for high profile offender to be named

The victim of a sexual offence carried out by a high profile New Zealander is calling for him to be named.

Louise Hemsley has waived her right to automatic name suppression and has spoken to TVNZ's Sunday programme about what happened to her.

"He's a person I suppose you would look up to he's had a brilliant career."

The offence took place in her own home, in November 2011.

"It's like an invasion isn't it, it's an invasion of your privacy, he invaded my space and took advantage."

Strict suppression orders prevent us from revealing anything about the man who offended against her, something that angers Louise.

"It's just so wrong there is no justice in that at all."

The man was originally charged with indecent assault, but it was downgraded to indecent act. A charge he agreed to plead guilty to.

He was convicted and ordered to pay compensation, but immediately lodged an appeal, eventually winning a discharge without conviction and permanent name suppression.

"How can you plead guilty and get away with nothing. He's just walked away with his head held high basically."

The man did apologise and paid Mrs. Hemsley $6500 in compensation.

"There's no justice in that at all, " Mrs. Hemsley said.

So she's fighting back, having her own name suppression lifted to tell her story.

You can watch Mrs. Hemsley's full interview this Sunday night on TV One's Sunday programme.

The victim of a sexual offence is fighting to name the high profile New Zealander allegedly responsible. Source: 1 NEWS

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