Seven years on, new nightlife strip opens in central Christchurch

There will be plenty of glasses raised with the reopening of The Terraces. Source: 1 NEWS

Marama Fox and David Seymour spar on Te Reo Maori in schools

Marama Fox of the Maori Party and ACT's David Seymour exchanged frank views on making Te Reo Maori compulsory in schools.

"You don't have the right to commander other people's children to grow your vision of what a country should be like," Mr Seymour said. 

The Maori Party co-leader said learning Te Reo Maori was "about growing understanding in this nation".

"The new generation coming up, they don't mind at all." 

The ACT leader bit back saying: "I'm not supportive of using some people's children to achieve a political project for people in Wellington, apart from all the practical difficulties we don't actually have enough Te Reo teachers."

More video content from the minor parties debate.

The Maori Party co-leader says if there was a tax on water, it does not mean the Crown has ownership. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Seymour wasn't taking it though, saying the debate needed a more serious discussion. Source: 1 NEWS

Marama Fox says despite there being senior Maori MPs in Labour, they are needed as an independent voice. Source: 1 NEWS

The Green Party leader made the promise during TVNZ's multi-party leaders debate. Source: 1 NEWS

Marama Fox of the Maori Party and ACT's David Seymour exchanged frank views on Te Reo in schools. Source: 1 NEWS


Who is Damian Light? 'Speed-dating' with the new face of United Future, the unexpected hit of 1 NEWS' minor parties debate

New Zealand met the new face of United Future this evening, 33-year-old Aucklander Damian Light who has had his looks likened to American actor Ryan Gosling and caused the United Future website to crash.

The Peter Dunne replacement was asked by TVNZ 1 political reporter Katie Bradford after the deabte, "who are you?"

"This is like speed-dating," he said.

So who is the new candidate causing social media to spin?

"Born and bred in Auckland, lived here my whole life, I'm 33, I live in Botany with my boyfriend, I work for a state-owned enterprise," Mr Light said. 

'Damian Light' is trending second on New Zealand Twitter searches. 

He assured reporters that United Future was "not dead" after the shock departure of Mr Dunne, who was the party's only elected representative until deciding to retire before the upcoming election. 

The unknown face of the multi-party leaders debate, United Future's leader Damian Light, gives a "speed dating" run down of who he is, where he lives and what he does. Source: 1 NEWS