Seven Sharp reporter's heartfelt plea to Kiwi men this Blue September

As the last day of Blue September draws to an end, Seven Sharp reporter Michael Holland has a story of his own to share about prostate cancer.

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Seven Sharp’s Michael Holland is encouraging those at risk to get a test for prostate cancer. Source: Seven Sharp

“Every year 4000 men in this country are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Turns out I'm one of them.”

Holland is hoping to remind Kiwi men who are 50 and over, and those who love their men 50 and over, not to consider themselves exempt from the disease.

"It was on my birthday this time last year that I was called back by my GP for a chat about the results of a long overdue blood test.

“My PSA level - the potential indicator for prostate cancer - was elevated and required further investigation. Then the question, was there any family history?”

There was.

Holland’s father sadly died of prostate cancer five years ago.

“I'm sad to admit his passing, as shattering as it was, didn't make me feel any more susceptible, didn't make me schedule regular blood tests.

“What do we call that? The arrogance of invincibility? Or head in the sand dismissiveness?”

Graeme Woodside of the Prostate Cancer Foundation says there are two main risk factors for prostate cancer.

“One is age, the older we get the higher the incidence of prostate cancer, the other is family history. So if dad, granddad, uncle, brother has prostate cancer you are at higher risk."

Simon Van Rij is Holland’s urologist. He says men have very good outcomes if their cancer is treated.

“But some men if they present late they miss that opportunity.

"It’s about being aware and being informed, so you can make the right decision for you."

The right decision for Holland was a radical robotic prostatectomy.

Watch the full Seven Sharp story above.