Seven Sharp on the hunt to solve 45-year mystery of lost wedding ring

It’s a 45-year-old mystery that’s been brought to the surface after washing up on the beautiful shores of Kawakawa Bay.

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The gold band with an inscription was found in Kawakawa Bay decades ago, but no owner has ever come forward. Source: Seven Sharp

A young Harry Court stumbled upon a piece of hidden treasure in 1976 — a gold wedding ring engraved with the names Steve and Tina,  along with the date they tied the knot - 18 August 1973.

“It’s unusual to find their full names like that in a ring that size,” Court told Seven Sharp.

Without today’s power of technology, he’d looked in the local newspaper every day trying to track down the ring’s owner to no avail.

“No mobile phones, there was nothing. Nothing but take it to the police station but what would they do with it but to say, 'No one has claimed it you can have it back again.'"

With no such luck, Court stuck it up at the back of his tool shed, only to rediscover it 40-odd years later.

Now he’s on the hunt, more eager than ever, to find the ring’s rightful owner.

“I know the feeling, to lose something and get it back again. It’s a wonderful feeling” he said.