Seven Sharp goes undercover to see if Kiwis drive as well as they think they do

While it's easy to point the finger at other drivers, how well does the average Kiwi do when put to the test? 

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We teamed up with a driving instructor to see if Kiwis are as good at driving as they think they are. Source: Seven Sharp

In a bid to assess New Zealand's driving habits, TVNZ1’s Seven Sharp teamed up with an undercover driving instructor to see if Kiwis are as good as they think they are.

And the results were not good.

VTNZ has found there are three key mistakes that would cause most people to fail, things like incorrect speed.

"The pass-rate on the restricted and full test is 66 per cent," says James Law, Driver Testing Manager VTNZ.

And those are the people actually studying for it.

But the aim of Seven Sharp's experiment was to see if average Kiwis would pass.

Layne Hughes is a driver testing consultant for VTNZ and has been a driving tester for 10 years.

She says she’s seen some things no one would want to see while out on the road.

Basic errors that most of us do - things that would cause average Kiwi's to fail.

So in a bid to truly test people, the team at TVNZ 1's Seven Sharp got sneaky.

They told drivers it was a story about "backseat drivers".

And Ms Hughes was the actor.