'Serve a good kai for what they've done' - Christchurch firefighters lap up school students' scones




Students at Christchurch's Burnside High School yesterday turned out more than 300 classic cheese scones for firefighters battling the Port Hills fires - and they went down a treat.

It was just a taste of the huge outpouring of support from the Christchurch community following the fires.

There has been a huge outpouring of support from the community for those on the front line.
Source: 1 NEWS

Members of the public have offered homes, helping hands and plenty of food for the crews on the frontline.

Burnside High school is no exception, students forfeiting their usual bookwork to do their bit.

"It feels good, knowing that you're doing something," one boy said. 

Another added: "Serve a good kai for what they've done, aye."

A girl said: "This is such a small thing we can do for them when they've done so much for us."

Fresh out of the oven, there was a quick taste-test to make sure the scones were up to standard, and it was off to the fire station where the scones joined scores of community donations and messages of support.

"It's been amazing. It's been quite humbling actually, so many people just turning up, bringing cooked meals, snack food, cakes, drinks, water. It's just been unreal," said Alan Skilton of the Christchurch Fire Service.

And the verdict on the scones from a firefighter.

"Real good mate, yup they're nice."

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