'Seriously horrible' and 'transphobic' Caitlyn Jenner billboard removed

The company behind a "transphobic" Caitlyn Jenner billboard have fronted up with an apology and a donation of $1000 to LGBT youth.

The billboard features a photo of Jenner in a Santa hat, the slogan reading "I hope your sack is fuller than mine this Christmas. Merry Christmas from Cranium."

Source: 1 NEWS

Cranium's billboard in East Tamaki, Auckland, has since been covered up after angering and offending the transgender community.

Cranium director Phillip Garratt apologised for any offence on Facebook, chalking the advertisement up to "poor judgement."

Mr Garret followed this up with an $1000 donation to LGBT organisation Rainbow Youth.

Rainbow Youth communication manager Toni Duder welcomed the donation but warned jokes about transgenders marginalise the community and should not be taken lightly.

The mother of a transgender nine-year-old said the donation wasn’t enough and accused Mr Garret of simply trying to "save his reputation".

There were mixed responses on Facebook, with one user describing the billboard as "seriously horrible."

Mr Garret now faces issues of copy right infringement for using an image from Jenner's Vanity Fair photoshoot. 

Intellectual property specialist Gus Hazel said that without a license to use the image Cranium's use of the image breeches the Copyright Act.

"The Fair Trading Act might also be relevant - if the image was seen as misleading people into thinking Caitlyn Jenner authorised or endorsed it."

Mr Hazel described the billboard as a "crude Photoshop job purely for publicity."