Senior National MP says he takes no offence to Bridges' criticism in secret recording

Senior National MP David Carter says he is not in the slightest bit bothered by comments made about him by Simon Bridges in a secret recording.

Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross released the tape of a conversation between him and Mr Bridges where they discuss making room on the party's list for new MPs.

The recording was also given to police as part of Mr Ross's push to get Mr Bridges investigated for electoral fraud - claims Mr Bridges strongly denies.

In the recording, Mr Bridges talks about some of his MPs needing to go, and mentions Chris Finlayson and David Carter.

Mr Carter said Simon Bridges was clearly set up by Jami-Lee Ross in the phone call.

"Looking at renewal that's inevitably needed by all political parties, I take no offence at all about what was said by Simon Bridges."

Mr Carter has confimed he will not be seeking re-election as a list MP.

"He's made two contacts with me, one before he was leader and one after, on both occasions he actively encouraged me to stay - he said I was very valuable contributor to caucus discussions and particularly in a mentoring role to many or our new MPs.

"I have told him I will stay and complete this term but have no intention of standing beyond the election of 2020."

Mr Carter said he was incensed by Mr Ross' actions.

"That a former colleague of mine would stoop to such dastardly behaviour of secretly recording colleague like he's done, I think it's appalling behaviour.

"I think there will be a degree of nervousness [in the caucus] about what other conversations he has recorded, but I wasn't at caucus during the week because I'm overseas, but I know now that most caucus members will well and truly know now that they made the right decision in expelling him from the National Party caucus."

- By Chris Bramwell


National MP David Carter. Source: 1 NEWS

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