Senior Mongrel Mob members take part in 'eye-opening' Q & A with Canterbury University students

Several senior Mongrel Mob members delivered a Q and A session to criminal justice students at Canterbury University yesterday.

The guest appearance was put together by director of the criminal justice programme Jarrod Gilbert.

It featured Mongrel Mob Kingdom members from Hamilton and Tauranga, including senior member Mark Griffiths and Sonny Fatu.

Mr Griffiths explained why he made the trip down south to take part in the lecture.

"It's to enlighten his students about the ever-changing lifestyle of the Aotearoa gangster," he told the NZ Herald.

Dr Gilbert, who has researched and released a number of publications on gangs in New Zealand, believes having gang members in class helps better prepare his students for working life.

"I've had gangs in class before, similarly I have police officers come and talk as well. Last year Police Minister Stuart Nash came in.

"I'll invite anyone who gives knowledge to our students that will set them up for the jobs they're about to go into. This is about preparing students for the industry," Mr Gilbert told the NZ Herald.

Dr Gilbert told 1 NEWS the gang members weren't paid for their time, but the university covered the two senior members travel expenses.

In total around eight to 10 Mongrel Mob members took part in the nearly two hour long Q & A session, the most he has had in a class at one time.

"I have 180 students in my class, usually only 130 to 140 turn up, but this class was full," Dr Gilbert said.

One of the students attending the class said the experience was "very eye-opening. It confirmed things we learned in class".

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