Seek out professionals rather than become a YouTube DIY fail, builder says

While videos of cats, singing and dancing are a safe bet on YouTube, the search for home repairs and renovations are on the increase.

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One of the most popular searches on YouTube is home repairs and renovations so it’s no surprise a nation of DIYers is tempted to click the mouse and fix the house. Source: Seven Sharp

It’s no surprise a nation of DIYers is tempted to click the mouse and fix the house, but building professionals are warning off the trend.

Licensed building practitioner Peter Wolfkamp said the number one mistake people make is not planning, preparing or putting time aside for doing building work.

He said although the digital field is opening up, it would need to be low-risk for it to be safe.

“I would say that if it’s something you are concerned about, either your safety or somebody else’s, then I would steer away from YouTube perhaps and just leave that work to the professionals,” Wolfkamp said.

He said while YouTube can teach people some building know-how, he would rather learn the trade-off professionals.

“There is some value in it but I guess for me, I’ve really enjoyed the fact that I have been able to work with really good, professional and experienced tradies, carpenters, electricians, plumbers over the years.

“I’d rather learn by working along side people rather than watching it on the screen.”

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