Second UK man accused of being part of roofing scam pleads not guilty

A second of five British men accused of being part of a roofing scam has now also pleaded not guilty.

William Donohue, 25, appeared by audio-visual link the Auckland District Court this morning.

It was after the court was told at an appearance last week an adjournment was needed so there could be more discussions with Donohue’s lawyer about how he would plead.

Another accused man, Tommy Ward, 26, pleaded not guilty last week.

Both men face three charges of obtaining by deception and using forged documents.

A third man, James Nolan, 26, was also charged but is accused of having skipped the country following a blunder by border staff.

Nolan fled on someone else's passport, and while a discrepancy was picked up by the electronic border gate at the time, a Customs officer allowed Nolan through.

All three came into the country on holiday visas.

Charges have also this week been laid against two who were arrested at Christchurch Airport on Monday night.

James Doyle, 29, has appeared before the Christchurch District Court this morning charged with giving his passport to Nolan so he could evade Customs.

He's also charged with trying to evade Customs staff himself by using someone else's passport.

Doyle's uncle, James Quinn, 58, who was arrested at the same time as Doyle, has been charged with obtaining by deception and using forged documents.

Quinn was granted name suppression at a hearing in Christchurch earlier this week but this has since lapsed.

They have been remanded in custody to reappear in court later this month.

Donohue was further remanded in custody in Auckland until June 10.

Ward is also being kept in custody before his reappearance in court the same day.

James Nolan, Tommy Ward and William Donohue are wanted in connection with a string of alleged roofing scams across Auckland. Source: NZ Police