Seagull rescued by safe hands of ex-Black Caps keeper

Former Black Caps wicketkeeper Peter McGlashan went to the rescue of a trapped seagull today in Auckland’s Glen Innes.

McGlashan sent out an SOS via Twitter to the SPCA and Auckland Transport after finding the bird trapped in a street lamp in Epping Street Glen Innes this afternoon.

“So this is a random request,” he wrote on Twitter, tagging Auckland Transport (AT).

“But there’s a seagull with its foot stuck in your streetlamp. Be great if you can get here urgently, been trapped for bout an hour and is distressed,” McGlashan wrote, alerting the SPCA.

It wasn’t too long before he wrote an update.

“So good news is bird is down, luckily I had some old wicketkeeping gloves and ski goggles handy and a contractor had a versalift nearby… now to contact bird rescue as it has a tag on its leg,” McGlashan wrote.

The post received a number of re-tweets and comments from supporters, with Auckland Councillor Richard Hills among them.

“Wow. Go you guys. How good is that!!!” Hills wrote.

Another called McGlashan a “bird hero”.

In the past hour, McGlashan said the seagull was recuperating and that the Department of Conservation was now involved.

"Seagull seems 2 be more chilled out now, probably recuperating, has tag on its leg that says “National Museum of New Zealand” on it & number 83565 on it. Other leg not looking good. @docgovtnzhave advised Bird Rescue best option but they close @ 4 so am now off to local vet."

After a vet inspection, the seagull was thought to have a broken leg. 

The seagull, saved by McGlashan. Source: Twitter/Peter McGlashan.

"Bird delivered to Kohi Vet Clinic, Nurse says leg looks broken but will give it some food and water and have a closer look. She just happens 2 live over by bird rescue in Green Bay so fingers crossed for a good outcome. Not sure if a Gull swims in circles with only one leg," McGlashan wrote on Twitter.