Scouts NZ back together again after Covid-19 forced activity online

For the first time since lockdown began, scout halls up and down New Zealand are back in action.

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During lockdown the organisation offered an online programme in which 1300 Kiwi kids took part. Source: 1 NEWS

Scouts New Zealand was forced to move online during Alert Levels 3 and 4, but this week marks their first back together.

The organisation offered a 'Scouting from Home' programme, which saw 1300 Kiwi kids sign up and take part during lockdown.

Participants took part in a range of activities, including earning scout badges remotely.

“We took the opportunity to say, ‘Let’s smash through the theory!” said Whitby Scouts leader John Justice.

The Whitby Scouts team collectively earnt 77 badges during their eight weeks of virtual meetings.

“It was still good that we had it online, because we still got to experience and learn things, and we got loads of badges!” one of the Whitby Scouts said.

From conservation, to cooking and camping, badges were earnt across the board.

Some even graduated from Cubs to Scouts, others earnt the Silver Scouts honour.

But it wasn’t all about badges. Scout leaders organised treasure hunts for kids to do at home, too.

“We managed to get quite creative online... It was important for the kids to not lose the friends they’d made here,” said Mr Justice.

Speaking to the kids at Whitby Scouts, they said the thing they were most excited about was seeing their mates.

“I’ve actually missed them quite a lot!” said one Scout, and others said they’d really missed all the group games.

“It’s great to be back connecting with people and doing activities that boost your confidence.”