School lunch scheme for hungry Christchurch kids is revived

An initiative to feed Christchurch’s hungry school students has been revived after it closed just three weeks ago.

The Government has launched a plan to tackle child poverty but firms and charities are helping pick up the slack. Source: 1 NEWS

Fill Their Lunchbox, a 'buy-one-give-one' scheme started by Chef Ben Atkinson, was forced to shut down after becoming financially stretched, but not before donating 54,000 lunches.

Their mission has now been taken up by social enterprise Eat My Lunch, which runs a similar service in Auckland and Christchurch.

To date the company has donated close to a million lunches, now making 2,750 a day.

It’s just one of a number of businesses, charities and non-government organisations tackling the symptoms of child poverty. It’s estimated close to 25,000 Kiwi kids don’t have a reliable school lunch.

The first steps in the Government's multi-billion dollar plan aiming to slash the number of children in poverty were introduced in July.