School leavers forced to reconsider future career paths as industries struggle amid Covid-19

School leavers in New Zealand are reconsidering their futures with whole industries struggling to stay afloat amid the Covid-19 crisis.

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Careers in tourism and aviation have taken a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, leaving students looking at other options. Source: 1 NEWS

Career opportunities in tourism and aviation have taken a hit, which has left students having to look at other options.

Year 13 students at Whangarei Boys High School are among those feeling the impact.

“As a result of covid we're having a lot of boys making an appointment with our careers counsellor to talk about what is out there,” principal Karen Gilbert-Smith said.

Nathan Catton had his heart set on becoming a pilot, but he told 1 NEWS that dream is now on hold.

Pilots remain positive while taking on entry-level roles after Covid-19 layoffs

“If I went to Massey (university) or something and came out with a massive student loan and there was no jobs for me at the end of it and that leaves me with a lot of debt."

The collapse of international air travel made many commercial pilots jobless but some students are still staying the course.

“We've had one or two domestic students looking at other options but in general the remaining students have decided aviation is still the career they want to do," Ian Calvert of Ardmore Flying School said. 

Meanwhile, the tourism sector is urging students not to give up. It predicts there will be a comeback for the industry.

“We’re going through a lull, I don't think you can judge a $45 billion industry over what's happened over the last couple of months...there are job opportunities,” Queenstown Resort College CEO Charlie Phillips said.