'I was scared' – Auckland liquor store owner says he feared for his life during brutal attack


The shopkeeper who was brutally attacked at a South Auckland liquor store this week has told 1 NEWS he feared for his life during the evening raid.

Sunny Sahota was attacked last week by a man leaping over the store counter during an evening raid.
Source: 1 NEWS

CCTV footage from the Super Store Liquor shop in Otahuhu showed three men entering the store.

Sunny Sahota was working behind the counter when he was attacked by a man, seen leaping over the counter and delivering a flurry of punches.

"I was scared, you know. I was worried about me, worried about my family also.

"If he kills me, something like that, you know? Who can look after my family?”

Mr Sahota was back at work the following day, despite receiving injuries.

"He attacked on my face, my head, and my finger is injured. Punching me on my head, on my back...he damaged a lot of bottles inside the shop," he said.

A community group has been established, on the back of a spate of dairy and liquor store attacks.

"It's quite a serious concern. In the last ten days there have been six incidents," Stop Crime NZ founder Sunny Kaushal said.

"If you look at these brutal attacks in broad daylight, it shows that the offenders have no fear of police. They have no fear of law of the land, they have no fear of being caught."

The group has launched a national petition and wants to see more police patrols, a reduction of the youth age to eleven, and giving shopkeepers the right to defend themselves.

It is organising a march for next month.

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