Scam uses Hilary Barry's image to sell fake skin care product

TVNZ lawyers are working to squash scammers who are using Seven Sharp’s Hilary Barry’s image to push a fake beauty product advertisement.

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No, the Seven Sharp presenter isn’t quitting her job to promote a face product. Source: Seven Sharp

It’s an advertisement featuring the broadcaster’s face pushing products for your face.

“Essence of Argan - it's apparently so popular i’m leaving Seven Sharp to push it but everything about this is fake,” she says.

“I don't have a skin care range to sell. I'm not leaving Seven Sharp. I'm the victim of a scam and I'd hate you to be a victim too,” Hilary says.

“Hilary Barry is the latest TVNZ celebrity to be caught up in these scams and our presenters have nothing to do with them," says TVNZ lawyer Courtney Grenfell, who has been fighting the scam.

"They are professional scammers, they are reaching people of all ages. And these ads are illegal," says Ms Grenfell.

In January last year, Breakfast's Hayley Holt had to set the story straight about leaving Breakfast to sell face cream.

Before that, Breakfast newsreader Daniel Faitaua fell victim to a bitcoin scam.