Santa working overtime to answer Kiwi kids' wish lists




Santa can expect to be kept busy this Christmas as Kiwi kids pen him thousands of letters requesting ponies, scooters, monster trucks and even a monkey.

The Santa at a shopping mall in England made the young girl's day by communicating via sign language.

Source: Breakfast

New Zealand Post said children and schools had sent in more than 40,000 letters for Santa, while a further 10,000 digital postcards had been completed on the internet.

With the post working with the Blind Foundation, children can also send their correspondence in large letters that are more easily read or in braille.

But any youngster yet to write a letter, needs to get in quick.

They have until Sunday, December 4, to get their letters to Santa to ensure he has time to reply.

New Zealand Post, who appear to be reading Santa's mail or reporting back on his behalf, said gaming consoles, smart phones and tablets were also popular requests alongside bicycles and pets.

Among the letters, one child wished Santa a safe journey, saying she didn't mind what he brought her, but if he did happen to have a spare scooter, she would be happy with a red one.

New Zealand Post spokeswoman Tina Morgan said Santa could expect a busy schedule with nine out of 10 children reporting they were nice and not naughty.

"That's a lot of deliveries for Santa," she said.

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