Samoans admit 'there's an issue' with women abandoning babies

Samoan leaders in New Zealand are calling on their community to show compassion towards a woman who left her baby in a Sydney drain to die.

Prominent Samoan’s in NZ believe the mother who left her child in a Sydney drain shouldn’t be vilified. Source: 1 NEWS

Community leaders say that often Samoan women who are unmarried and pregnant fear shaming their families.

"I am urging the community to be supportive of what is happening and learn from it - someone in your area next to you is having that problem now," Sooalo Setu Mua said.

This week's tragic case has been a hot topic at Radio Samoa, with community leaders pleading with listeners to be compassionate.

Sydney drain baby: Mum knew he could die, court hears

They say that many people have become incensed by the incident, prompting calls to look at the reasons why a number of Samoan women abandon their babies after birth.

"A lot of the upset people are Samoans because they value the name of Samoa but at the same time people have come to their senses that yes there is an issue," Teleiai Edwin Puni said.

A 30-year-old woman has been charged with the attempted murder of her baby boy after dumping him down a drain in Quakers Hill. He was found five days later by a passing cyclist.

It's not the first time such an incident has rocked the Samoan community - in 2009 a baby was discovered in a rubbish bin on a flight to New Zealand.

Her Samoan mother had given birth to her after hiding her pregnancy.

Similarly, in 2006 a Samoan scholarship student was convicted of infanticide after throwing her newborn out a Dunedin window.