Rustic beauty of Northland's Kaipara Harbour captured in charming film




The beauty of Northland has been captured in a film soon to be released called The Catch, showing off the magical beach that is Pahi.

On the north eastern reaches of the Kaipara Harbour, Pahi is a huge expanse of water just over an hour away from Auckland, largely ignored by those racing for holiday homes on the opposite coast.

Pahi, on the north eastern reaches of the Kaipara Harbour, has been captured in a charming new 'eco-drama-comedy'.
Source: Seven Sharp

Auckland film director Simon Mark-Brown was won over by the charm of Pahi for his project.

"It's just the perfect little mini-filmy town to shoot in… Shallow, muddy and tidal," he told Seven Sharp.

"It's not your crystal blue east coast but it's got a charm of its own."

It was teeming with resident characters to enrich the cast of The Catch, a tale of a fishing competition and the temptation to cheat.

Lead actor Nicol Munro said making the film was the "biggest fun of his life".

"It's an experience never to be forgotten because of where we are and who we are with," he said.

The film kept to its roots right until the end, having the premiere on home soil featuring a three-metre red carpet.

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