Rush hour Auckland commuters frustrated after trains come to a standstill for second time in a week

Auckland's commuter train network is back up and running after it ground to a halt during rush hour due to a Kiwirail signalling fault.

Train delays at Auckland's Panmure station Source: 1 NEWS

Commuters were stuck on the trains for a time, but were advised during the outage that buses were accepting train tickets and AT HOP cards.

In a tweet Auckland Transport says, "KiwiRail Signal Issue has been resolved and services are slowly returning to normal."

They advised commuters to listen for service announcements.

The outage was the third time the same issue has happened this year, and the second time in the past five days.

On Friday, at about 11.15am, a signal fault meant train services were stopped across Auckland and closed Britomart Station.

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A commuter told 1 NEWS today, "It's frustrating because it's something we depend on to get to work, and at the end of they day if we don't get to our work on time we can lose our jobs."

She added that it wasn't good enough to have the same problem for a second time in a week.

"You have to let your boss know every time, "listen, I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late" and it gets embarrassing after a while as well."

Another commuter told 1 NEWS, "It was frustrating for me but there was a girl standing in front of me and she had an exam at 9am and she was freaking out."

The girl had to get off at an earlier stop and fork out $120 for an Uber, the woman said.

"My employer, they understand, but I can imagine some others wouldn't."

She also said the ongoing problem wasn't good enough, but that commuters can't boycott Auckland Transport because they run all the public transport in the city.