'Rule number 1, don't lose the baby' - How to Dad sensation strikes again with new travel 101 video

The Kiwi dad whose How to Dad videos have made him a household name has struck again.

This time he has a handful of helpful tips for parents who have the arduous task of looking after their fledglings while travelling.

Jordan Watson yesterday dropped a new How to Dad video, How to Travel with a Baby... and it's a real dag.

There are 10 different ways to travel with a baby.

The first rule is, "don't lose the baby", according to Jordan.

Tip number two is the classic dad shoulders, followed by the "standard front pack" every dad doesn't want to wear, ever.

Dog on a leash, reverse baby front pack, the running dad, the DIY, the walkie talkie, the "she'll be right", the over-protective dad and the "find a babysitter" were the remaining useful techniques.

Jordan's video has so far been liked nearly 54,700 times, since it was uploaded 22 hours ago.

In 24 hours, it has garnered nearly three million likes.

Several of Jordan's humorous videos have been watched thousands of times, while his most popular clip, the "how to hold a baby" video, has been watched more than six million times.

You can watch Jordan's videos on the How to DAD Facebook page.