Rotorua Intermediate students disconnect from distraction and go phone-free

A phone-free system for Rotorua Intermediate went into effect yesterday, with parents and teachers giving it the thumbs up.

Last week, Rotorua Intermediate joined other intermediates around New Zealand saying they would lock up students' phones while they were in class.

Principal, Gary De Theirry says the situation was getting out of control, with phone distraction rendering some students unable to concentrate.

It was "a major distraction in most classes and for most of the day,"  Mr De Theirry said.

To put a stop to all that, the school has bought 25 safes – an almost $2000 investment in digital disconnection.

Parents are supportive of the move, although Mr De Theirry says mums and dads can be part of the problem in modelling phone overuse.

"We are hoping they will concentrate more for the six hours we've got them."

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Tim Wilson has more on the great phone surrender taking place at Kiwi schools. Source: Seven Sharp