Rotorua the day after Sunday's massive deluge - 'It's very surreal, it's quite calm at the moment'




Rotorua is waking to a big mop-up job following yesterday's deluge.

Ngongotaha evacuees have been moved to emergency welfare at Rotorua's events centre.
Source: Breakfast

A State of Emergency remains in place to aid emergency services evacuating residents following major flooding.

Residents today returned to their homes to begin the massive clean-up.
Source: 1 NEWS

Heavy rain caused at least 30 homes to be evacuated in Ngongotaha, and 32 people were trapped at the Agrodome.

Evacuees were moved to emergency welfare at the Energy Events Centre in the Rotorua township.

Knee-deep water saw residents having to evacuate due to the wild weather.
Source: 1 NEWS

Things were much calmer this morning, Mayor Steve Chadwick told TVNZ 1's Breakfast, following the rain which saw hundreds of calls to emergency services.

'It's very surreal, it's quite calm at the moment. We had rain during the night but nothing like the extreme rain fall yesterday morning."

Roads were flooded throughout the region today.
Source: 1 NEWS

She said people had been "incredibly resiliant", and praised them for moving to safety as soon as it became apparent they were in danger from rising floodwaters.

There had been no call-outs overnight. 

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