Rotorua authorities grapple with unwanted geothermal attraction

The local council is weighing up how to contain the geothermal bore that burst into life in central Rotorua yesterday.

Video captured moments after the explosion shows the bore spewing hot water and steam 15m high into the air.

An old bore causes geyser to erupt in Rotorua's CBD. Source: 1 NEWS

With work now underway to fix the bore, cold water will be used to "reduce the temperature of the bore water so that basically it goes off the boil," says Nevin Hill from Rotorua Lakes Council.

The bore, which is in a service lane between Eruera and Amohau Street, will then be assessed to find out what's broken. 

If the problem is something that can't be fixed fine concrete will be poured into the bore.

The bore exploded on the weekend shooting water and dirt 15m in the sky. Source: 1 NEWS

Mr Hill says the bore may be capped if the top of the wellhead can be accessed or the bore may need a new metal casing.

Rotorua Council says on its Facebook page that the area around the bore was cordoned off yesterday but bad light meant workers were unable to shut the bore down.

Locals were given a shock when an old bore burst into life yesterday in the CBD. Source: 1 NEWS