Roger Sutton's wife: He's a touchy-feely person

The wife of Roger Sutton says she has been raising her three sons alone and is happy that her husband chose to resign today.

CERA chief Roger Sutton has resigned after a sexual harassment complaint was laid against him. Source: 1 NEWS

Former journalist Jo Malcolm was tearful as she watched her husband step down from his role as chief executive of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority following claims he sexually harassed a female staff member.

"I want him to go, I want him to be with us, I've been raising our boys by myself," Ms Malcolm said.

She says she is baffled that his "hugs and jokes" have been misinterpreted and that Mr Sutton is simply a "touchy-feely" person.

Mr Sutton says he has been seeing a psychologist about his "inappropriate joking", admitting he had been "sexist" in calling women at work "honey and sweetie".

He says he is looking forward to becoming a better father and husband.

"I've done heaps in this job but I haven't actually done enough with my family, I haven't done school camps, I've hardly ever been to any athletics," he said.

Mr Sutton apologised for any wrongdoing and said he chose to stand down from the $500,000 a year role on his own volition.

"I've never meant any harm, I've worked my guts out for the last three years and I'm sorry for what's happened," Mr Sutton said following the announcement of his resignation.

State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie confirmed at the weekend that an investigation into Mr Sutton's conduct was completed following a complaint from a CERA staff member.

The report did not recommend dismissal, but Mr Rennie says he has accepted Mr Sutton's resignation and respects his decision to step down, adding that it was "a very difficult call to make for someone who is so committed to the Canterbury community".

He says the complainant has been supported by CERA and that their privacy will continue to be protected.

Mr Sutton will finish up on January 31, 2015 and an Acting Chief Executive will be announced shortly.