Rocket Lab's 'another one leaves the crust' mission set to launch

New Zealand company Rocket Lab is launching its first rocket for the year from Māhia Peninsula later this month.

The Electron rocket on the launch pad at the Rocket Lab facility on the Mahia Peninsula. Source: Rocket Lab

The mission, named Another One Leaves the Crust is scheduled for lift-off during a 10-day launch window, beginning on 16 January.

It will be a dedicated mission for European space technology company OHB group.

Rocket Lab chief executive Peter Beck said the launch was taking place at a quick pace, within six months of signing the contract.

"By flying as a dedicated mission on Electron, OHB and their mission partners have control over launch timing, orbit, integration schedule, and other mission parameters."

Rocket Lab also aims to launch a mission to the Moon in support of NASA's CAPSTONE program this year.