Rocket Lab set to scan the skies again, hoping to launch Electron rocket from east coast this month




New Zealand-based Rocket Lab is set to scan the skies again, looking for favourable weather to launch its Electron rocket.

Rocket Lab successfully launched the rocket into space today after a long period of waiting.
Source: Rocket Lab

The company hopes to get its second test rocket airborne from the Mahia Peninsula when the launch window opens again on January 20, it announced on Friday.

It's Rocket Lab's second attempt to complete the test launch.

Last month, it came to within two seconds of lift-off, before the countdown was aborted because of "rising liquid oxygen temperatures" not compatible with the afternoon's warm conditions.

Shortly after, it suspended launch attempts until early 2018.

The company's inaugural test last May reached space but didn't make it into orbit after a communication fault forced the flight to be aborted early.

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