Risk of TB exposure at Auckland University after infected student attends campus

Public health officials are tracking down Auckland University students exposed to tuberculosis (TB), after a student contracted the infectious disease. 

Source: 1 NEWS

An email from the Auckland Regional Public Health Service (ARPHS) was sent out to those to attended the same three classes as the infected pupil: MEDSCI203, MEDSCI205 and CHEM390. 

Health officials are in the process of identifying the contacts of the university student, who will be contacted by a ARPHS nurse through phone or email.

Fewer than 10 students have been identified as having a closer or longer contact with the student. 

Medical Officer of Health Dr Shanika Perera says the disease is not easily spread as it requires prolonged exposure to contract, it's slow to develop and curable. 

“Symptoms of TB to watch out for include a persistent cough for more than three weeks, sometimes with blood in the sputum, unexplained weight loss, sweating - especially at night - unexplained fever, feeling tired all the time and shortness of breath." 

Those who aren't directly contacted are considered casual contacts with a low risk of infection. 

Casual contacts are free to go about their usual daily activities but as health officials are still investigating, they may be contacted later on. 

More information about the tuberculosis is available on the ARPHS website

Students who are concerned that they may have symptoms of TB should contact their GP or the Student Health Services at the University of Auckland.