Revamped Christchurch pool making a splash with locals

Hundreds of people flocked to Christchurch's newly-repaired Waltham Lido Pool today to celebrate the popular facility's grand re-opening.

The quake-damaged Waltham Lido Pool is now back in action after suffering extensive quake damage. Source: 1 NEWS

The pool complex attracted an average of 17,000 people each summer before it was closed due to significant earthquake damage in 2011.

It re-opened this weekend, to the delight of the swimmers who packed the pool to capacity.

"It's been a long time since we've been here and we wanted to come back," one swimmer told ONE News.

Hundreds of people queued outside the facility's entrance hoping for a reprieve from the 28 degree temperature.

"It's the only one over this side of town. It's really great to see the community loving it and having a great time, enjoying it and making the most of it," says Waltham Pool Manager Matthew Crook.

Repairs and a spruce up to modernise the facility cost $3.4 million.

"We've given it a decent facelift it used to look a little like a prison it had a barbed wire across the top of a fence," Christchurch City Council Facilities and Infrastructure Rebuild Director David Adamson says.

However, while the pool's reopening created a buzz for many in the city, those out east are keen to know when they will be getting a new facility.

Mr Adamson says a pool planned for the site of the quake-hit QEII facility and another that will be part of the Metro Sport facility will fill the need.

Meanwhile, the Norman Kirk pool is due to reopen in Lyttelton in the coming weeks.