Returning Kiwis must stay in NZ for 180 days to be exempt from MIQ costs

Kiwis returning to New Zealand will have to be in the country for at least 180 days to be exempt from paying managed isolation costs. 

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The time New Zealanders must stay in the country without incurring a fee will double in June. Source: 1 NEWS

From June, the time Kiwis must stay in New Zealand upon their arrival back in the country will extend from 90 days. 

It costs $3,100 for a returning New Zealanders to stay in MIQ, and more for those on temporary class vias who are travelling without partners, spouses, legal guardians or children of NZ citizens or residents. 

Waivers can be granted for financial hardship and other special circumstances. 

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Max Harris told Breakfast any charges would hit low-income earners hardest. Source: Breakfast