'Return my babies to me' - devastated mum makes public plea after ashes of stillborn twins stolen


An Auckland mother has been left heartbroken but determined after returning home last night to find thieves had broken into her Epsom home and stolen a number of precious items including a trinket box containing the ashes of her stillborn twins.

After arriving home to find her front door smashed, and the precious ashes stolen, Fiona Grove quickly took to Facebook to ask for help.

"I've seen instances where social media has been hugely helpful," Ms Grove told 1 NEWS NOW.

So despite "not being very good at social media" she set out to ask for help on several community pages and groups, explaining what happened. 

"I will literally do anything to get them home to me," she wrote.

"I'm hoping that this post will be shared and someone will find it in their hearts to return my babies to me."

Their ashes were kept in a small satin pouch inside a heart-shaped trinket box that she says could've been mistaken for a jewellery box.

Ms Grove lost the twins at 19 weeks gestation, only months after she got married in 1998.

The twins were named Sheryl and Anne after their father's mother who had died when he was only 21.

It would have been their 19th birthday on Saturday.

Since then Ms Grove has had two daughters, aged 15 and 17.

But what really "bugs" Ms Grove is the coincidence behind the incident.

She and her partner are moving house, and their property manager brought people to their rental for a viewing on Sunday.

They didn't record any names or details, she said. 

Although this might not be the cause of the subsequent burglary, Ms Grove said it made her worried to find that it is not a legal requirement to take names and contact details of people attending house viewings. 

"There is not that safeguarding for tenants," said Ms Grove.

The burglary was reported to police, and Ms Grove hopes to return home tonight to find the ashes returned.

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