Retirement village operator gives care workers perks in bid to make job more attractive, keep staff




A major retirement village operator, Summerset, is giving its workers a raft of perks and benefits, hoping to make the job more attractive and help it keep staff.

Summerset is hoping its new staff benefits will make caregiving more attractive.
Source: 1 NEWS

Care workers' pay rose in July thanks to the Government's $2 billion pay equity settlement for them.

But now Summerset has gone a step further. 

"What we're doing here is actually showing our staff how important they are, that we value them and that we care for them," said Julian Cook, Summerset chief executive.

Staff benefits Summerset is giving include health insurance for GP, dentist, physio and optometrist appointments. 

Ten-thousand dollars worth of funeral cover for themselves and their spouse will be provided, as will up $780 worth of shares in the company per year.

And after five years working, staff will also get surgery cover and an extra week's annual leave.

The union representing care workers, E tu, says it's supportive of anything employers do to improve workers conditions, but wants to see companies increase salaries of all caregiver employees, and put more into workers' pockets.

"We are very pleased for Summerset because they seem to be one of the employers who're advantaged, and we want them to share the goodies," said John Ryall of E tu. 

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