Restored Hillary's Hut 'captures the true essence' of epic Antarctic adventure

The staff of Scott Base queued out the door to see for themselves the result of three months and 6000 hours of work on Hillary's Hut.

The staff of Scott Base queued out the door to see the restored hut and celebrate a significant milestone. Source: 1 NEWS

The team who worked on it finally had a chance to sit down and soak up their achievements, and loved watching the reaction of the people seeing the restored hut for the first time.

"This is our reward for all the hard work," said Lizzie Meek of Antarctic Heritage Trust.

Heritage carpenter Geoff Cooper said: "It makes all the work worthwhile, just seeing the looks on people's faces and just seeing them transported back through time."

Ms Meek acknowledged all of the New Zealanders who have got behind the project.

"We wouldn't be standing here today if people didn’t give a fiver to the driver…and got behind the idea of saving this little hut on the edge of Antarctica."

Scott Base worker Maddy Bellcroft said it made her think of Edmund Hillary, his men and their team of dogs.

"To walk in here and feel like everyone could be just outside feeding the dogs and walk in at any moment.. that captures the true essence of it."

Scott Base put on a special fifties style morning tea to mark the occasion, singing "Happy Birthday Scott Base" as a cake was being cut.