Restaurant chain gives diners hefty discount for staying off their mobiles

Once upon a time, a meal out meant a chin wag and quality time with your nearest and dearest.

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Staying off your phone at Madam Woo can reap some pretty tasty rewards. Source: Seven Sharp

But, these days, the sight of a smartphone in one’s hands is all too common. 

Restaurant Madam Woo thinks it has a solution, though. It’s giving customers 15 per cent off their bill if they chuck their cellphone in a box and leave them there for the entire meal.

The deal is available at any of the Malaysian-inspired restaurant’s locations around the country in Auckland, Hamilton and Queenstown. 

Madam Woo co-founder, Fleur Caulton, told Seven Sharp cellphones became such a problem in the chain’s restaurants that it was hard to get orders for food out of people. 

“People have been pretty excited,” she said of the offer. 

Caulton said staff have loved it too.