Residents in quake-damaged Christchurch suburb being terrorised by boy racers - 'They're driving us crazy'

Boy racers are terrorising residents living in a quake-damaged Christchurch suburb.

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The area known as Brooklands has been almost abandoned since the earthquakes. Source: 1 NEWS

The area known as Brooklands has almost been abandoned since the earthquakes hit a decade ago, giving way to gangs of street racers.

Residents living in the 25 houses that remain have been catching their antics on camera, day and night, several times a week.

Many are too scared to be identified, worried there will be retaliation.

"They’re driving us crazy with the noise and their mad driving. They’re on every corner doing donuts and speeding up and down because it’s like a race track," a woman said.

Roads are being ripped up and vehicles are crashing, according to residents.

Police told 1 NEWS that they are monitoring the city’s boy racers, but said they can’t be everywhere.

A spokesman said excessive noise can be an offence, and people may receive a verbal or written warning, or an infringement notice.

“We encourage people to contact police immediately if they witness any driving of this type so we can respond immediately where operational commitments permit.

“Please try to note down registration numbers, makes and models of cars and descriptions or identities of the people driving to pass onto police,” the police spokesman said.

Residents claim they are not getting much traction with police, despite ongoing attempts.

They want concrete bollards installed to deter the culprits and security cameras catch them.

One older resident said she tried to confront a group of boy racers but was met with hostility.

“They surrounded us. There was 50 odd cars coming out of the side road and doing burn outs right besides us,” she told 1 NEWS.

Christchurch City Council is currently discussing what it will do to help.