Rental car driver filmed coming perilously close to head-on crash after overtaking manoeuvre in Otago has likely left NZ, company says

The driver of a rental car caught on dashcam undertaking a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre has likely left the country, the rental company says.

Reddit user chipmunk2245 posted footage of the incident online which, according to GPS and date data on the footage, took place on the Gibbston Highway near Queenstown about 11.55am yesterday.

The driver, in a 2016 Snap Rentals Toyota Corolla, overtakes on a corner at about 91km/h, narrowly missing another on-coming Jucy rental people mover.

Snap Rentals National Operations Manager Jono Bennett said the company is following up complaints about the driver and is cooperating with a police investigation.

The company will also be approaching the customer themselves to tell him that his driving was "pretty bad - irrational".

"We try and stop it from happening but unfortunately we can't control a lot of what people are doing," Mr Bennett said.

"We want people to have a good time and finish their holiday and not put people in danger and themselves."

New Zealand road rules require drivers to have 100m of clear road ahead once they have finished their overtaking manoeuvre.

Eviction of mentally unwell Victoria University student from dorm may cause further distress, says advocate

Advising a student who had attempted suicide not to stay in university accommodation was not the right response, says a suicide prevention trust founder.

Last year, first-year student Dani was evicted from her hall of residence by Victoria University after attempting suicide.

The university said the hall environment was not conducive to Dani's recovery.

"The university has to weigh up the rights of individuals against the collective good of the hall community and the potential impact on other students," Victoria University Student and Campus Living Director Rainsforth Dix said in a statement yesterday.

"In this case, following an incident, the Head of Hall met with the student and a parent. They were told that after a critical incident, the counselling service recommends a period of respite before returning to the hall. They were also advised that in this case, the hall environment was not considered conducive to the student's recovery."

However, Life Matters Suicide Prevention Trust founder Corinda Taylor, whose son committed suicide at Otago University in 2012, told Morning Report she was shocked but not surprised by Dani's eviction.

While a student hall may not be the right environment for mental health recovery, Ms Taylor said the university shouldn't have outright evicted Dani.

"I can understand that there may be better therapeutic environments for the young person, however, I think there are better ways of dealing with this, working with the person rather than straight out telling them to leave the environment."

Ms Taylor said evicting a mentally unwell tenant could cause them further distress.

"If you look at a student who has a suicide attempt and they are being asked to leave the hall of residence it would feel to them like they are being rejected again in a time when they already feel that nobody loves them and that nobody cares."

A better response would've been to call a meeting with family and friends, Ms Taylor said.

Salient editor Louise Lin, whose publication broke the story, told Morning Report she was concerned about flow-on effects of Saundry's eviction for other students with mental health issues.

"It's going to silence people from trying to speak out about their mental health issues when they find out this is the result [and] it's going to be worse for people if they don't disclose because they can't seek the help they need."

Where to get help:

Need to Talk? Free call or text 1737 any time to speak to a trained counsellor, for any reason.
Lifeline: 0800 543 354
Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865 / 0508 TAUTOKO (24/7)

Depression Helpline: 0800 111 757 (24/7)
Samaritans: 0800 726 666 (24/7)
Youthline: 0800 376 633 (24/7) or free text 234 (8am-12am), or email
What's Up: online chat (7pm-10pm) or 0800 WHATSUP / 0800 9428 787 children's helpline (1pm-10pm weekdays, 3pm-10pm weekends)
Kidsline (ages 5-18): 0800 543 754 (24/7)
Rural Support Trust Helpline: 0800 787 254
Healthline: 0800 611 116
Rainbow Youth: (09) 376 4155

Safe to talk National Sexual Harm Helpline - 0800 044 334,

Victim Support National 24 Hour Helpline 0800 842 846,

Rape Crisis National 24 Hour Helpline 0800 883300

If it is an emergency and you feel like you or someone else is at risk, call 111.

Dani had a tough first year at university. (Richard Tindiller) Source:


Police warn public after Kiwi loses life savings to online Bitcoin scam

A person who lost $320,000 of their life savings to an online scam has prompted police in Canterbury to issue a warning to be wary of sharing their private information.

The scam involved cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, with the company offering extremely good returns from a minimal investment.

The victim’s investment grew as money was invested before declining.

The scammer then contacted the victim to invest more funds, which they did through the website.

Senior Sergeant Paul Reeves warned the public to seek advice on any online investments they’re unsure of, saying that if an investment seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“Scammers are extremely persistent and can seem very credible, as they are highly versed in their trade," Mr Reeves said.

Anyone who believes they have been a victim of a crime, in person or online, should report the matter to their local authorities. Police also posted this guide to cryptocurrency safety.

Female hands hold credit card, pressing buttons and making online purchase closeup. Anti-fraud and financial security, entering client discount program number, filling personal information concept


Weapons seized, arrests made in police raids of gang properties in Te Kuiti

Police have raided multiple properties in Te Kuiti with gang connections this morning, making arrests and seizing a cache of weapons and drugs.

Four men were arrested in the raids and are facing numerous charges including robbery, assault, and threatening to kill.

Three Armed Offenders Squad teams from Auckland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato assisted police with searches at seven addresses, over recent offending in the area.

Police say the men, aged 41, 46, 49, and 53, are due in Hamilton District Court today.

All four of those arrested have connections to gangs.

Also seized during the warrants were cannabis plants, multiple guns and ammunition.

A police Armed Offenders Squad officer. Source: 1 NEWS

Timelapse shows demolition of the Kings Arms Tavern after 130 years in operation

Auckland's Kings Arms Tavern has been demolished after 130 years in operation to make way for 102 new apartments.

The demolition was completed on Monday, and a video timelapse of the demolition was posted by new owner Urban Collective last night.

Developer Kelly McEwan said he realised the footage could be a bit nostalgic for some.

"I think it's a shame it's gone, but it does provide opportunities to take its place," Mr McEwan said.

Some of the comments on the post were negative, including one person who wrote: "When all of Auckland's live venues have been knocked down for apartments ... what is there going to be left to do for a night out?"

Mr McEwan said he understood that fans and denizens of the pub would be upset, but the wishes of late owner Maureen Gordon should be respected.

The Kings Arms Tavern has launched the careers of countless Kiwi bands, but it's being destroyed to make way for apartments. Source: 1 NEWS

"Maureen put the pub up for sale and there were no takers," Urban Collective posted on the video.

"People had the opportunity on the open market to 'step up' but the numbers just didn't work anymore.

"She wished to take care of her interests before she passed and this needs to be respected.

"She was a legend and the Kings Arms was a fantastic venue that had its time and place ... all of our team certainly had many a good night there!"

Mr McEwan said Ms Gorden herself, who passed away late last year, aged 86, had actually put a deposit on one of the new apartments herself before she passed.

“The Kings Arms is dead,” Voom singer Buzz Moller said to the crowd after the final song. Source: 1 NEWS

The venue and grounds were sold to Urban Collective for $7.4m in 2016 and the pub closed its doors this year on February 28.

The building had no heritage designation despite being more than a century old, and Mr McEwan said he suspected many parts of the building were in fact un-compliant.

An artist's rendering of how the 59 France Street site will look when completed.
An artist's rendering of how the 59 France Street site will look when completed. Source: Supplied/Urban Collective

The new apartment complex on the site will be extensive, incorporating 102 industrial-themed apartments along with ground-level commercial sites.

Apartments in the building will sell for between $645,000 and $2.39 million and they are due to be completed in mid-2020.

The Auckland stalwart will be replaced with stylish new apartments after more than 130 years in operation. Source: Urban Collective