Rental car driver filmed coming perilously close to head-on crash after overtaking manoeuvre in Otago has likely left NZ, company says

The driver of a rental car caught on dashcam undertaking a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre has likely left the country, the rental company says.

Reddit user chipmunk2245 posted footage of the incident online which, according to GPS and date data on the footage, took place on the Gibbston Highway near Queenstown about 11.55am yesterday.

The driver, in a 2016 Snap Rentals Toyota Corolla, overtakes on a corner at about 91km/h, narrowly missing another on-coming Jucy rental people mover.

Snap Rentals National Operations Manager Jono Bennett said the company is following up complaints about the driver and is cooperating with a police investigation.

The company will also be approaching the customer themselves to tell him that his driving was "pretty bad - irrational".

"We try and stop it from happening but unfortunately we can't control a lot of what people are doing," Mr Bennett said.

"We want people to have a good time and finish their holiday and not put people in danger and themselves."

New Zealand road rules require drivers to have 100m of clear road ahead once they have finished their overtaking manoeuvre.