Rent freezes to provide relief for those struggling with coronavirus business shutdown

From today forward, rents for residential tenancies must stay at the same price for the next six months.

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Around 34,000 shops and 17,000 restaurants will be closed from tonight. Source: 1 NEWS

But what about businesses forced to shut up shop during the lockdown?

In Wellington alone, about 34,000 shops and 17,000 bars, cafes and restaurants are closed.

It’s the economic sacrifice the Government thinks is needed to stamp out of the virus.

But there’s some hope for shuttered businesses.

The Government shutdown triggers what’s called a ‘no access clause’ in contracts that have it.

It means some rent can be suspended if tenants can’t access their property in an emergency.

As for residential rents, tenancies will not be terminated during the lockdown unless there’s agreement.

Renters United told 1 NEWS more help is needed.

“Unfortunately, we are at an absolute peak for rents and for a lot of people the rents aren’t affordable as they are. And now their incomes have dropped, that’s going to be even more significant,” says Renters United’s Robert Whitaker.

Over the next couple of weeks, the full impact on renters will become clearer.