The region with New Zealand's biggest second-hand economy revealed

Trade Me has revealed the New Zealand region with the biggest second-hand economy is Marlborough while Aucklanders are the least inspired by used goods.

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That’s according to TradeMe who’ve also revealed which region has the biggest second-hand economy. Source: Seven Sharp

Seven Sharp reports the online trading site has figured out that the average New Zealander is sitting on about $1200 worth of "junk" each. That's almost $5000 for a family of four.

The region most hooked on hand-me-downs is Marlborough, famous for its wine and now, pawning pre-owned paraphernalia.

Seven out of 10 Malboroughites would "definitely" buy second-hand, Trade Me found.

However, fewer than half of Aucklanders would do the same.

In Christchurch, Karen from New Brighton, has discovered the world of online trading, finding out that others really want her stuff, the leftovers of generations of her family.

Among her trades, Karen said she "sold a cool trout fishing tie pin holder" to "an auctioneer in Taupō who's a keen trout fishermen who was so excited, he's kept corresponding with me".

She found a framed goat skull on the beach and sold it for $29 to a witch who "sent a photo, and she made an altar thing" with it, she said.

"Packaging was a nightmare," Karen said of that deal. 

The money's not the motivation, but a pleasant surprise when she checks Trade Me and sees one of her items has sold, she said.

"The most important thing for me is that the things find who they belong to. They go to a home where they are going to a home where they're going to be celebrated."

Also important, it's good for the planet.

Recycling the goods is "one of my driving forces. These things I have have already been made, and have already used resources to make them," Karen said.

So next time you're trying to get to the back of the garage, just look around because what's an annoyance to you will most definitely bring joy to someone else.