Reformed thief gives security tips as survey reveals many Kiwis still leave doors unlocked

The summer months are the worst time for burglaries in New Zealand as people pack up and head away on holiday.

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Some people are not even bothering to lock their doors. Source: Seven Sharp

But what makes matters worse is that many of us are skipping the basics of home security, with many not even bothering to lock their doors.

In fact, a new survey found that one in 10 Kiwis decline to lock the door.

TVNZ1's Seven Sharp talked to a burglar turned security adviser for tips on how to secure your home.

Adrian Pritchard spent over 10 years in prison for burglaries and house robberies before turning his life around.

He was surprised to learn people still leave their doors unlocked, not that a locked door would have stopped him back when he was in the home robbing business.

“I used to do a lot of smash and grabs, so a locked door didn’t determine if I should stay there or if I should go.”

However, not all locks are created equal.

“I’m a very strong believer in deadlocks and cameras.

“Once you’ve got a deadlock in your house then burglars can’t take a TV out your door if it’s deadlocked, and my advice for people who own deadlocks is hide the key away,” Pritchard says.

In terms of a hiding place for keys, he joked with Hilary Barry not to leave it under a flowerpot, mat or other obvious place.